Five Tips to be Energy Efficient

You know the drill – it’s best to use energy wisely to conserve, lower the bills, and help sustain the environment. However, most people know what to do but still fail to comply.

Why? It’s a fast-paced world, and many people need to get going (fast) to work and earn. This may make them wonder why they would work when they could get to their destination faster in a car, even if it’s only a short distance.

Look around you and feel the air. If climate change’s effects are still not that evident, you have to open your eyes wider.

You have to start caring enough and becoming serious about how to be energy efficient. And you can begin with your home.

Tips to be Energy Efficient

Here are the top things that you can do at home to ensure energy efficiency:

Switch to a smart or programmable thermostat

By having this gadget installed at your home, it can adjust the temperature inside even when you are not around. This will save you money from excess cooling or heating when there’s no one at home.

Even the most basic of gadgets help adjust your house’s temperature depending on the times when you are at home.

It’s easy to install. You only need to follow the directions. This gadget is also available in many hardware stores.

Replace your water heater

Even when your old water heater is still working, the newer models have a higher energy efficiency measure. You can also get new incentives at stores that offer the newest and best water heater.

You can also boost your savings by using a water-heater blanket to insulate your tank. You will save even more when you insulate your water ducts and pipes.

Use LED lights

Unless you try them, you won’t realize how much you will save from using 9W LED lights than the typical 60W bulbs. They are bright but don’t consume as much energy as conventional bulbs.

Check the temperatures in your home

Always adjust your thermostat depending on the time of the day or how many people are at home. In winter, close the blinds to contain the heat inside. On the other hand, lower them when the sun is up to avoid too much heat entering the house.

Check your consumption

Determine which appliances consume the most electricity. You can either replace them with newer, more energy-efficient models or use them minimally.

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