About Us

As more Utahns become aware of the power and environmental benefits of going solar, we at Utah Solar want to become an active part of the solution. We provide you with options. 

We are now among Utah’s independent resources of consumer information, regulations, energy policy, and clean energy. We gather all related information about clean energy from Utah and the rest of the world. We bring them to you fresh off the plate.

We care. And we know that you also do. So welcome to this site, where we can learn more about the benefits of solar energy. We will also tackle its technicalities and functions. Allow us to guide you through all you want to know about solar power and clean energy.

Our work doesn’t end at disseminating information about solar energy. We will also be expanding your horizon to other clean energy sources, as well as featuring the latest about electric vehicles and how they contribute to clean air.

Let us all be part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem. 


Our Mission

Utah Solar speeds up people’s transformation to clean energy with our expertise and vision. Our mission is to reach out to Utahns and people worldwide to take climate change seriously by committing to change.

Our Vision

We believe in the power and benefits of clean energy. Hence, we want you to know about the whys and the hows. This way, we can all work together to create a healthy future with empowered and thriving communities dependent on nothing but clean energy.

Our Values

It’s all clean for us – nothing more, nothing less. We promote the use and spreading of information about clean energy.

Here are the values that guide our strategies, external and internal partnerships and relationships, and overall operations:

  • To work with integrity
  • To provide details with all honesty
  • To bypass complexities and make everything easier to understand
  • To empower leadership
  • To sustain wellness and balance
  • To pursue passion and share it with Utahns
  • To provide impactful and high-quality work
  • To pursue collaboration with high respect for people, other companies, and sources of information