Going Solar for Homes

What Homeowners Must Know About Going Solar

Going Solar for Homes

Export Credit Rates and Connect Your Solar Power to the Grid

Going Solar for Homes

Home Loans and Financing for Solar Power, Anyone?

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As more Utahns become aware of the power and environmental benefits of going solar, we at Utah Solar want to become an active part of the solution. We provide you with options.  We are now among Utah’s independent resources of consumer information, regulations, energy policy, and clean energy. We gather all related information about clean energy from Utah and the rest of the world. We bring them to you fresh off the plate. We care. And we know that you also do. So welcome to this site, where we can learn more ...

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What Does Solar Panel Payback Period Entail?

The solar panel payback period is becoming increasingly vital for homeowners and investors considering the transition to solar power. This period, often referred to simply as the solar payback period, represents the time it takes for the savings from solar electricity to equal the initial investment in solar panels. With an average duration ranging from 6 to 9 years for most residential solar installations, understanding this time frame is crucial for making informed financial decisions. This introduction delves ...

How to Crimp MC4 Connectors

MC4 connectors are essential in solar installations, ensuring safe and stable connections between solar panels and other devices. This guide breaks down the process of crimping these connectors. In simple terms, to crimp an MC4 connector: strip the solar cable prepare the MC4 components crimp the terminal to the wire insert the terminal into the plug secure the connection continuity test Follow our detailed steps for a successful assembly. Understanding the MC4 Connectors ...

Looking into the Cost of Solar Panels in 2022

The price of solar panels has decreased in 2022 but remember that they are still not cheap. What used to be priced at around $55,000 ten years ago is now offered at $25,000 or less. The price depends on your requirements, the company or manufacturer of the panels, and where you live. The average cost of the installation is around $20,000 since you have to take into consideration ...

How Much Savings Do You Get from Driving an Electric Vehicle?

As an estimate, you get almost half the savings when you drive an electric vehicle compared to a fuel-powered car. Aside from not having to worry about fuel costs, you will also need less maintenance budget for your EV. An electric vehicle doesn’t need emission testing, timing belt replacements, or oil changes. You only need to charge it before the battery drains. To be precise with the calculations, you can visit government sites and use their provided online calculators. You can check the U.S. Department of ...

Aug 21. 2022
Learning More about Residential Solar Panels

Suppose you are still thinking about whether or not to make the switch to solar energy; I advise that you do, especially if you have the resources to make the switch. It’s not a joke when somebody tells you that rooftop solar is a good investment. It is something that you will benefit from in the long run. You will also regain every cent you have spent on having the equipment installed. How Much Do...