The Federal Tax Credits You Can Get When Buying Electric Vehicles

Did you know that you can save up to $7,500 when buying a new electric vehicle? This amount will vary depending on the vehicle’s model and your tax liability as the buyer.
This is possible through the Federal Tax Credit for plug-in electric vehicles. It took effect on August 16, 2022, after the IRA or Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law.
How Can You Avail of the Tax Credit?…

What You Need to Know about Electric Vehicles

Over time, electric vehicles are becoming more advanced. More and more countries are adapting various systems to charge these vehicles, even while on the go.
You may have seen some charging stations that accept recyclable items to charge your vehicle for free. Some countries are also constructing roads that charge these vehicles while running.
Aside from being energy-efficient, you can …

6 Steps to Have Rooftop Solar for Businesses

With the rates of utility bills going up, you will earn more savings from having rooftop solar installed for your business. You may have already been told to consider it an investment.
The upfront costs of having rooftop solar installed may be high, but the benefits are worth the money you spend. You also must consider it a big factor that you will eventually regain all you have spent on this venture.

Solar Contractor List

We have compiled a list of solar providers you can get in touch with if you are based in Utah. If you are in search of one, try contacting the ones nearest you.
Feel free to contact us if you know other companies or would like to update the information of the ones in the list:
American Solar Power 

Sales, installation, and design services for commercial and residential purposes