Going Solar for Homes

What Homeowners Must Know About Going Solar

Going Solar for Homes

Export Credit Rates and Connect Your Solar Power to the Grid

Going Solar for Homes

Home Loans and Financing for Solar Power, Anyone?

About Us

As more Utahns become aware of the power and environmental benefits of going solar, we at Utah Solar want to…

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Electric Vehicles

How Much Savings Do You Get from Driving an Electric Vehicle?

As an estimate, you get almost half the savings when you drive an electric vehicle compared to a fuel-powered car.…

Aug 21. 2022
How to Charge Electric Vehicles?

It is no longer difficult to find charging stations for electric vehicles, even while you are on the road. Some…

Jul 18. 2022
Support Clean Air Movement by Using Electric Vehicles

Surveys found that many Utahns have increasingly become concerned about having improved air quality. This may come as a result…

Jul 16. 2022