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Utah’s Residential Disclosure Bill Effective September 4

Utah Solar Energy Association

Background: SB 157, Residential Solar Energy Amendments (USEA Consumer Protection Bill) became law after the 2018 Utah Legislative Session. This bill established mandatory disclosures by solar companies to residential customers. The bill was a product of USEA’s Consumer Protection Task Force, vetted by dozens of member solar companies and a component of the net metering settlement – all in an effort to self-regulate our industry from those who may seek to take advantage of a booming market.

Important To Know:

  • The disclosure requirements for SB 157 will go into effect on September 4, 2018.
  • USEA has created a summary and guide for easier implementation of the required disclosures for our member firms. To access this guide, please  visit our members’ only section. If you do not have your password, please email Ryan

We would like to thank our Consumer Protection Committee and the Vivint Solar team for helping pass this bill and for helping create this guide.