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Settlement in Net Metering Case Reached

Utah Solar Energy Association

Nearly 200 Hours in Settlement Talks…

We are pleased to announce that we have officially reached a settlement with Rocky Mountain Power, state regulators and other interested parties. This was an incredibly complex process that involved close to two hundred hours of negotiations between more than twenty organizations.

While no settlement comes without challenges, we believe the rooftop solar industry will fair very well (both commercial and residential)- especially given the rate structure we originally faced last November.

As an industry, our two main priorities were to keep rooftop solar affordable for Utahns and preserve as many of the 4,400 jobs in the state as possible. The compromise reached maintains solar as an affordable and secure investment, encourages self reliance and promotes choice in our energy market. Perhaps most importantly, there will not be any discriminatory charges placed on DG solar customers.

If the compromise is approved, current net metering customers will be grandfathered until 12/31/35 and new customers that come on after November 15, 2017, through the end of 2032, will receive nearly the retail rate for the clean energy they provide to the grid and that’s consumed by their neighbors. More importantly, solar customers will be able to generate all the power for use in their own home or business without being penalized.

The transition program we’ve created will protect the majority of the 4,400 solar jobs in Utah and the $400 million economic impact the industry has in our state.”

We now await the PSC’s ruling/approval in September.

We will be supplying more about the details of the settlement soon.

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