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The Utah Solar Energy Association and More than 20 Local and National Solar Companies Call on Utah Policymakers to Establish Fair Rates for Solar Customers

Utah Solar Energy Association

Reject Efforts by Rocky Mountain Power to Undercut Energy Competition

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 9, 2016 – “In response to Rocky Mountain Power’s recent tariff filing, with the Public Service Commission (PSC), Utah policymakers must establish fair and appropriate rates for solar customers. We encourage the PSC to foster a collaborative, transparent process and to recognize all the benefits rooftop solar generation provides to the power system. Utah is ranked the most business-friendly state in the country, and to maintain that reputation, we must continue to attract and support the explosive technological, investment, and job growth of the solar energy industry.

“Recently in Nevada, energy regulators passed new rules supported by their utility NV Energy – also owned by Rocky Mountain Power’s parent company Berkshire Hathaway – that dramatically increased fees on solar homeowners. Those new rates caused rooftop solar applications to fall by ~99%, and forced over a dozen local and national solar companies to either go out of business, cut jobs, or leave the state. Policymakers should protect solar jobs and consumers and reject efforts by Rocky Mountain Power to similarly undercut energy competition in Utah.”

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Utah Solar Energy Association