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The economic impact of solar; Utah ranks 6th in the nation

Utah Solar Energy Association

Written by EDCUtah
Category: Featured Articles
Created: 27 February 2017

Once referred to as a form of “alternative” energy, solar power has become a mainstream energy resource in Utah and a soaring economic driver for the state, thanks to falling prices and environmentally-conscious businesses and residents who are concerned about energy independence and improving the state’s air quality.

The Solar Energy Industry Association recently reported that Utah gained 1,729 solar industry jobs in 2016, representing a 65 percent increase in the state’s solar workforce, based on data from the National Solar Jobs Census 2016. Utah now has a total of 4,408 solar workers, up from 2,679 in 2015. What’s more, Utah ranks 14th in the nation for the number of solar jobs by state and seventh nationwide on a per capita basis.

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