Solar News

Materials that can revolutionize how light is harnessed for solar energy

19 August, 2019
Science Daily
Scientists have designed organic molecules capable of generating two excitons per photon of light, a process called singlet fission. The excitons can live for much longer than those generated from their inorganic counterparts, which leads to an amplification of electricity generated per photon that is ...

Organic dye in zinc oxide interlayer stabilizes and boosts the performance of organic solar cells

16 August, 2019
Science Daily
Organic solar cells are made of cheap and abundant materials, but their efficiency and stability still lag behind those of silicon-based solar cells. A team of scientists has found a way to enhance the electric conductivity of organic solar cells, which increases their performances. Doping the metal ...

Greener, faster and cheaper way to make patterned metals for solar cells and electronics

14 August, 2019
Science Daily
An innovative way to pattern metals could make the next generation of solar panels more sustainable and cheaper.

Key factors in how some algae harness solar energy

13 August, 2019
Science Daily
Scientists have discovered how diatoms -- a type of alga that produce 20 percent of the Earth's oxygen -- harness solar energy for photosynthesis. The discovery could help lead to more efficient and affordable algae-based biofuels and combat climate change from fossil fuel burning.

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