Solar News

Sun-soaking device turns water into superheated steam

12 December, 2018
Science Daily
Engineers have built a device that soaks up enough heat from the sun to boil water and produce 'superheated' steam hotter than 100 degrees Celsius, without any expensive optics.

Perovskite solar cells: cheaper production and high efficiency

11 December, 2018
Science Daily
A team of chemists and physicists is offering a novel approach for the selective layer formation in perovskite solar cells. The molecule assembles itself into a monolayer, which can cover a variety of surfaces and can function as a hole transporting material in a perovskite solar cell.

Fighting smog supports solar power

6 December, 2018
Science Daily
Model calculations by researchers show that if China fought smog more aggressively, it could massively increase solar power production.

'Sun in a box' would store renewable energy for the grid

5 December, 2018
Science Daily
Engineers have come up with a conceptual design for a system to store renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, and deliver that energy back into an electric grid on demand. The system may be designed to power a small city not just when the sun is up or the wind is high, but around the clock.

Solar power for UN refugee camp in Jordan

2 January, 2018
Solar News
The largest solar plant ever built in a refugee camp went live in Jordan, providing clean and much-needed additional power to 80,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan’s Za’atari camp.


31 May, 2017
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