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New material, manufacturing process use sun's heat for cheaper renewable electricity

18 October, 2018
Science Daily
Scientists have developed a new material and manufacturing process that would make one way to use solar power -- as heat energy -- more efficient in generating electricity.

Controlling organic semiconductor band gaps by electron-acceptor fluorination

17 October, 2018
Science Daily
Researchers synthesized a fluorinated electron-acceptor for use in organic semiconductors. The high electronegativity of the fluorine substituents enhanced the electron-accepting properties of the widely used electron-acceptor. The power conversion efficiency of a thin film solar cell based on the fluorinated ...

Renewable energy is common ground for Democrats and Republicans

16 October, 2018
Science Daily
While conservatives and liberals tend to disagree on many environmental issues, they both view the development of solar power and other forms of renewable energy as financially savvy and a step towards self-sufficiency.

Efficiently turning light into electricity

11 October, 2018
Science Daily
Perovskites form a group of crystals that have many promising properties for applications in nano-technology. However, one useful property that so far was unobserved in perovskites is so-called carrier multiplication -- an effect that makes materials much more efficient in converting light into electricity. ...

Solar power for UN refugee camp in Jordan

2 January, 2018
Solar News
The largest solar plant ever built in a refugee camp went live in Jordan, providing clean and much-needed additional power to 80,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan’s Za’atari camp.


31 May, 2017
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