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Nanoscale coating enables solar cells to absorb 20 percent more sunlight

13 April, 2018
Science Daily
Trapping light with an optical version of a whispering gallery, researchers have developed a nanoscale coating for solar cells that enables them to absorb about 20 percent more sunlight than uncoated devices.

Diamond-based circuits can take the heat for advanced applications

10 April, 2018
Science Daily
When power generators transfer electricity, they lose almost 10 percent of the generated power. To address this, scientists are researching new diamond semiconductor circuits to make power conversion systems more efficient. Researchers have now successfully fabricated a key circuit in power conversion ...

High efficiency solar power conversion allowed by a novel composite material

9 April, 2018
Science Daily
A composite thin film made of two different inorganic oxide materials significantly improves the performance of solar cells. Researchers have developed this material which combines two crystal phases comprising the atomic elements bismuth, manganese, and oxygen. The combination of phases optimizes this ...

Light 'relaxes' crystal to boost solar cell efficiency

5 April, 2018
Science Daily
Scientists have discovered a novel phenomenon: Light-induced lattice expansion in perovskite materials that cures bulk and interface defects, which leads to an enhancement of the optoelectronic properties.

Solar power for UN refugee camp in Jordan

2 January, 2018
Solar News
The largest solar plant ever built in a refugee camp went live in Jordan, providing clean and much-needed additional power to 80,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan’s Za’atari camp.


31 May, 2017
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