Solar News

Could the heat of the Earth's crust become the ultimate energy source?

18 July, 2019
Science Daily
Scientists have developed a very stable battery cell that can directly convert heat into electricity, thus finally providing a way for exploiting geothermal energy in a sustainable way.

A new material for the battery of the future

17 July, 2019
Science Daily
Researchers have discovered a new high performance and safe battery material (LTPS) capable of speeding up charge and discharge to a level never observed so far. Practically, if the first tests are confirmed, this new material could be used in the batteries of the future with better energy storage, faster ...

2D perovskite materials found to have unique, conductive edge states

15 July, 2019
Science Daily
A new class of 2D perovskite materials with edges that are conductive like metals and cores that are insulating was found by researchers who said these unique properties have applications in solar cells and nanoelectronics.

Shifts to renewable energy can drive up energy poverty, study finds

12 July, 2019
Science Daily
Efforts to shift away from fossil fuels and replace oil and coal with renewable energy sources can help reduce carbon emissions but do so at the expense of increased inequality, according to a new study.

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