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Breaking: Survey- Vast Majority of Utahns Believe Rocky Mountain Power’s Proposal Discriminates Against Residential Solar Customers

Dan Jones & Associates survey uncovers strong public support for keeping solar power affordable in Utah

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Affordable solar power is in jeopardy!
 The adverse impacts of Rocky Mountain Power’s proposed rate increases cannot be overstated. It will kill consumer choice, economic growth, the solar industry, and thousands of Utah jobs.

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Negative Impact on Our Community

Rocky Mountain Power’s proposed rate increases will have a direct, negative impact on our community in three specific ways:

Bad for Air Quality

This measure makes it clear that Rocky Mountain Power cares more about its own bottom line than it does for our community and the health of Utah residents. Utah has one of the worst air quality conditions in the country and solar is part of the solution.

Bad for Consumers

This is an unfair move by a monopoly to punish Utahns who are trying to save money via residential solar. The new rate changes will almost triple the amount of time it will take for consumers to break even on their solar investment.

Bad for Business

This move is particularly dangerous because Utah is such a pro-business state and the residential solar industry has been one of the largest and strongest sources of job generation over the past 5 years. Given the impact this new rate increase will have on customers, the impact on solar jobs focused only on Utah customers will be devastating.

More facts are available here.

We Need to Take Immediate Action

Here’s how you can help

1. Email the Public Service Commission – Email the PSC to let them know you are opposed to raising fees on solar customers without an independent, 3rd party cost-benefit analysis. Our monopoly utility should not be the only party to determine the value of rooftop solar.

Utah Public Service Commissioners

2. Reach Out to Government Officials – Contact the Governor, Utah Legislature, and the Utah Division of Public Utilities via email or phone:

3. Sign and Share the Petition – Then sign and help us gather additional signatures for this online petition:


4. Donate to USEA’s NEM Assistance Fund – Make a contribution to help USEA’s legal needs and marketing efforts.

5. Use Your Social Media Influence – Finally, share the news on social media and encourage your friends and family members to do the same.

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