Solar Tour 2011 Videos

Welcome to the Utah Solar Tour 2011 Video repository!

To increase interest in and attendance of Solar Tour 2011, the Utah Solar Energy Association teamed up with RealGreenWorld to create four pre-tour teaser videos that would introduce our online community to some of the customers and contractors who showcased sites this year.

These videos were not intended to be comprehensive in their content, though, so as to provide an incentive to actually visit this sites in person to learn more about how their installations were performed and the benefits the property owners are reaping.

Participants who visited at least four sites had the chance to win cool GOAL ZERO products!

Video #4: Joe Galloway Residence by Progressive Power Solutions

Video #3: The District by Garbett Homes with DwellTek & Utah Geothermal

Video #2: Sims Residence by SolarTek Solutions with EvoSolar

Video #1: Artspace Commons by Sunlight Solar Systems

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