Solar Tour 2011 Prizes

Welcome to the Utah Solar Tour 2011 webpage on Prizes!

Goal Zero has partnered with Utah Solar Energy Association to raffle cool solar powered products to participants who visit at least four sites! Check out the videos included below of the three different products that will be given away!

With your $5-10 purchase, each Solar Tour participant, eight years or older, will receive a Goal Zero raffle ticket. The educator at each site you visit will sign his/her initials in one of the available boxes on the bottom front side of your ticket, so be sure to keep it handy throughout your Saturday adventure! Once all four boxes have been initialed, fill out the contact information on the backside of the ticket and deposit it into the “Deposit” jar that will be available at each site.

Raffles will be awarded the week of the 26th. If your raffle is picked, your prize will either be shipped directly to you or made available at sponsoring locations. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity! We’ll see you there!



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