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Dennis N. Duce

What Did You Do Today To Help The Environment? Throttle Back!

Throttling back or using your gas peddle less when accelerating is a great way to use less fuel. With gas prices as high as they are saving at the pump helps the environment as well as your wallet.

If you are a regular viewer of RealGreenWorld you know it is important to us that being green help both the environment and your budget. You would also notice how often simple things like turning off your light and throttling back will help both.

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We are so grateful to our sponsors and hope you will treat them well. Isaiah Industries of Piquah Ohio in the greater Dayton area is the parent company to Classic Metal Roofing Systems (Manufacture of Energy Star rated aluminum Shingles) Kassel and Irons (manufacture of recycled steel roofing shakes and shingles) and Green American Home (distributors of Sol-Ice building integrated products, specialty insulation, Solar PV and Solar Thermal and Roofing products.)


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RealGreenWorld Teaches you how to Sell Green to your friends and clients with up coming guest Jeb Blount of Sales Gravy

RealGreenWorld is pleased to announce that we have spoken with Jeb Blount of Sales Gravy and Sales Guy. This New York Times Best Selling Author of Power Principles,People Buy You and his newest book People Follow You will be on an upcoming episode teaching us how we can use his proven sales and management techniques to help other to Go Green. I have been a fan/friend of Jeb's for many year and am WAY exited to be able to have him share his expertise with us.

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