Talk to your representative about America’s Clean Energy Security Act of 2009



Critical decisions are currently being discussed that will have far reaching impact on renewable energy nationwide and in Utah. The Waxman-Markey bill (America's Clean Energy Security Act of 2009) is an exciting first step, but as it has made its way to congress it has been pulled apart and weakened. It is important that we tell our representatives where we stand and how we want them to represent us on this issue.

As part of the American Solar Energy Society we have partnered with Solar Nation in an effort to make our voice heard nationwide. However, this only happens when we take the necessary steps at the state level to tell our representatives how we want them to vote on important issues. The link below to Solar Nation's site provides further information on this issue and an easy way to take action. Please take time to read about this issue, enter your zipcode at the bottom of the page and it will automatically find your representative and you can easily send them a message urging them to take a strong stance on this issue.

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